We Turn Traffic Videos Into Actionable Data...

Our VideoData solutions turn the wealth of data in traffic video studies into reportable and actionable information. Our primarily people-based solutions offer numerous advantages over automated tools.

*This report is in .pdf format. Please contact us if you’d like to see data in other formats, including .csv and Geocounts (TM).

Examples of data we can track:

  • Turn Counts
  • Parking Counts and Durations
  • Vehicular Traffic Congestion
  • Pedestrian Congestion
  • Origin-Destination Data
  • Pick-up/Drop-off Data
  • Public Transit/Ride-Share Usage Tracking
  • Pedestrian and Vehicular Safety
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Counts
  • Standing/Idling Counts and Durations


We understand both the strengths and the challenges inherent in video data. Our staff has extensive training and experience in video analytics and we have tools, processes and time-tested techniques to minimize errors and maximize accuracy.

Easy Deployment

We can use almost any existing video infrastructure, and because we don’t require customized programming or software development, we can get started within a few days – and sometimes hours.

Cost Effective

We understand budgetary constraints, and we know that our clients are looking to stretch limited financial resources as far as possible. Because we generally use existing video infrastructure, and because we don’t require customized programming or software development, our solutions are designed to provide the most data possible at the lowest cost.

Customizable and Flexible

Because our solution uses real people, we can track and report on virtually any data points that are visible on a camera. And we can modify our review criteria immediately and repeatedly to adapt to changing circumstances or project goals.


Because we see the full context of each situation, we can easily dismiss improper and irrelevant data points that would be included by an automated solution. And we can add notes and context for data anomalies that automated solutions would miss.


Whether you’re looking for data to import into a larger database or for executive-level summary reporting, we can provide it. We can provide results in a spreadsheet or database format; in Geocounts format, or in graphical or chart format for easy presentation.