Why We're Different

VideoData Insights’ people-based solutions offer a level of accuracy, detail and customization that other solutions simply can’t match.

Our people-based solutions provide a higher level of service than device-based measurement tools and automated video monitoring solutions:

  • Our video monitoring staff are experienced and skilled at distilling relevant information from masses of often confusing and ambiguous video data.
  • With no software programming required, we can start and modify services quickly and easily.
  • We see the context of each situation and can report on incidents and metrics with a level of detail and insight that automated solutions can’t match.
  • We can modify review criteria at will to ensure that we’re always tracking the most relevant issues.
  • Our results and reporting are customized to the needs of each client, and are designed to highlight the findings on the specific issues most important in each project.

Tools need people.

While machine-based solutions can help improve scale and speed, they can’t design themselves, and they’re pretty poor at making decisions.  VideoData Insights bridges the power of technology with the nuance, flexibility and judgment that only a human can provide.   The result is a blend of efficiency and accuracy that produces better results for our clients.

VideoData Insights' solutions are effective, efficient and affordable.

Whether we’re helping reduce loss and improve operations for a restaurant, or gathering the foundational data for a traffic engineering study, we empower decision makers with the information they need at a price that makes economic sense.